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Hair growth does not depend on external nutrient supply but is closely related to brain nerve activity. In fact, hair is actually a type of keratinized dead cell; dead cells do not regenerate, so topical hair growth products applied to the scalp are completely ineffective. Only by deeply activating hair follicle nerves can hair truly regrow.

The Ultimate Treatment for Hair Loss

10 Times Boost Hair Growth

By stimulating the scalp and activating the hair follicle nerves, the necrotic hair follicles are revitalized and new hair grows in the area of hair loss. 10X faster than any other products.

Clinically Proven Hair Regrowth

Tens of thousands of clinical patients have verified a 99.87% success rate and zero side effects. Military top technology guarantees results.

4 Weeks Treatment & Long-term Firmness

Daily use of the scalp massager will result in visible changes in hair thickness and density after 4 weeks. Continued weekly use afterwards will reduce subsequent hair loss and stabilize hair resilience over time, while slowing the rate of scalp follicle aging and bringing about lifelong change.

The Secret Behind Making Hair Regrow Possible

Based On New & Disruptive Theory

Neuroscientists specializing in intracranial stimulation of special forces have discovered that hair growth does not depend on external nutrient supply, but is closely related to neural activity in the brain. Hair is actually a kind of keratinized dead cells, and dead cells do not regenerate, so external products such as hair growth lotions are completely ineffective on the hair. The nerves of the hair follicle must be activated deeply in order for hair to grow back in a real sense.

World Exclusive Cranial Stimulation Technology

NerveHair hair growth massager combines neuroscience and bio-engineering technology to stimulate hair growth by precisely stimulating specific areas on the scalp, promoting excitability of the scalp cortex and increasing the neural activity of the hair follicles.

120 contacts to provide a full range of precise fractional stimulation to the scalp, while applying red light physical therapy to repair damaged hair follicles.

Cutting-edge cranial stimulation technology and military-grade electronic component materials ensure that NerveHair is 99.71% effective in clinical hair growth. In addition, 93% of volunteers reported additional effects of headache and fatigue relief.

What You Will Love About NerveHair

Military cranial stimulation tech for maximum activation of hair follicle nerves

120 contacts, 360° massage scalp, 2000 times tested scientific combination

● Loop path of the head, circle cycle, in line with the brain nerve distribution

● Military electronic components, precise strength control, longer life for 10 years

● 500mAH high-capacity USB rechargeable battery, charge 1 time for 10 days

Multi-noise reduction system, available at any location and time

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!


One-Click Start
Charge with the bonus USB charging cable, then press the button on the top of the hair growth massage instrument to start.

Handheld Placement on Scalp
Wear it on your head and adjust the position of the massager so that the 120 touch points massage the scalp in all directions.

3 Adjustable Modes
Three massage intensities are available, you can start with Light Mode in order to get used to the initial stimulation, Heavy Mode will have a faster hair growth effect.

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Real Customers, Real Relief

I'm not at an age where hair loss should be bad, but my hair is dry and prone to breakage. I've been using NerveHair for just over a week and my hair looks and feels so much better, especially since it has increased in strength and is not as dry and brittle as it used to be. I can do a lot of nice hairstyles and I look at myself in the mirror and I am so beautiful!

Redd, 31

I love that it has a mix mode, much like a person massaging, which takes care of the entire scalp. In fact, it makes the hair fuller. Most importantly, I have been suffering from my thinning hair and after using this hair growth massager for a month, my hair became thicker than before. Not only that, my headache was also relieved.

Kim, 38

The person who invented this thing should win the Nobel Prize!I have just been using this product for a few weeks and already I see results. There is a very considerable reduction in the amount of hair loss during shampooing. It was a pleasant surprise that when I shampooed my hair the last time after using it for 6 weeks, the amount of hair on the shower drain was almost nil. I also love the way it makes my hair full and soft. Comfortable and relax.

Allison Smith, 52

Best hair growth product I have ever used. Stopped using others for quite some time because I just couldn't not find the right one, until I came across this wonderful hair scalp product. I used it for 1 month and saw some good results. I would get 2 more next month. The most amazing thing IS THAT IT DEFINITELY WORKS.

David Jones, 41

I started to grow grey hair on the top of my head and started to lose hair, I became nervous about the condition of my hair, my friend recommended NerveHair to me, I have to say that the product is recommended by someone I know, so it is more reliable, I have been using it for 4 weeks now, the effect is also very significant, I will continue to use it.

Kic Williams, 61

When I started I had lost a ton of hair from being on the keto diet. I couldn't believe the how nice my hair has been coming in since using NerveHair!! My hair is longer thicker and the bald spots have nicely filled in. Very happy with the product! Only take around 2 months to save my hair!Overall this is the best hair growh product that I’ve ever purchased! I tried some medicine, but unfortunately I’m a diabetic. So that's risky for me. I’m hoping that your massager will help me with my hair for ever! Thx Gary Ortiz Jr 🤙🏼🇺🇸

Gary, 55

Product Is great, has no greasy feel, has strengthened my hair and has stopped my postpartum hair loss from progressing. Would definitely recommend this product and will be repurchasing it. Only been using it for 1 month!

Kathi Kirschner, 42

NerveHair works particularly well on my hair, I've been using it consistently for a while now and it's not hard to see the amazing results, my hair has really grown a lot. And the new hair growth is also of better quality than the previous hair, which should have a positive effect on all my hair follicles. Thank you NerveHair for giving my hair a new chance!

Keely, 39

I was skeptical about buying this but thought if I don't try i will never know. Due to work stress my hair started to fall out a lot. And since using this massager I have had a lot of hair growth in the patchy areas. It's great! Within 8 weeks of use I noticed the difference. My hairbrush was no longer holding clumps of my hair and when I washed my hair I wouldn't have the horror of watching so much hair fall out. My hair go silky now! Worked for me !

Ketty Brown, 37

Best hair growth product I have ever used. Stopped using others for quite some time because I just couldn't not find the right one, until I came across this wonderful hair scalp product. I used it for 1 month and saw some good results. I would get 2 more next month. The most amazing thing IS THAT IT DEFINITELY WORKS.

Hank, 46

I bought this for my boyfriend in January and to be honest, neither of us were convinced it was working, but he tried it and he's been having some stress about his hair, but after two months of using it, we've both noticed a big difference in his hair! I also tried it and it was very comfortable.

Deb Dimon, 29

As I got older, hair loss and my hair turning gray became my biggest struggle and I would not feel confident when I went out, so I was looking for a way to do it, and NerveHair surprised me. After using it for 3 weeks, my hair is obviously more than before, and the new growth is much darker, so now my friends say I look younger when I go out.

Lynn Jacobs, 48

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